Tuesday, July 19, 2011

forced recovery

ruby is in the bike shop.
and has been since yesterday, post my early-morning emigration ride.
I told the bike shop boy he could keep her until today, and, (wince) possibly until tomorrow, if he really needed to . . .


last weekend was tough. I rode 250 miles last week: up emigration three times, millcreek twice, big cottonwood once, and little cottonwood twice. by sunday, when I simply rode out to the mouth of little cottonwood and back (1700' elevation gain), I was Pretty Darn Tired.
then came yesterday's ride, then yesterday's trip to the bike store, and now doday: Forced Rest Day.
so I went to yoga, then for a two-hour hike.
and at the moment, I'm not feeling too bad about not riding ruby tomorrow.

I'm sure you're concerned: my bike is just having a little issue, completely fixable I'm sure. bike shop boy suggested it's likely time for new cables, and I'm hoping that's the fix for the problem I've been experiencing. I feel like the prototypical female talking to a mechanic:
well, when I pedal it goes around like it's supposed to and then it kind of slips, makes a little hiccup thing where there's just air for a minute, and then it's right back to normal. and it does it sometimes, more when it's flat, but not all the time, and it makes me pedal funny. then there's this little whirring sound, and a clink, and I think it might be coming from somewhere on the left side, except sometimes it sounds like it's on the right . . .
okay, I made that last part up.
but it's difficult to explain some of these things when you're a female like me.

so, my hope is that ruby will come home tomorrow, and that by thursday I'll feel like taking her back out for a spin.
she gets a little recovery, I get a little recoery, my saddle interface gets a bit of recovery . . .
it's all good.

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