Tuesday, July 5, 2011

rocks and mountains

there are two haitian proverbs I am sharing with you today, both which can--of course--be related to cycling. and if you're stumped while trying to make the connection, you could turn on the tour de france and look at those cyclists, then reflect on my experiences . . . it's good to be who and where I am, and it's right for them to be who and where they are. and as I said in my last post, I'm glad I have--and know my--limits.

first, this:

the rocks in the water do not know how the rocks in the sun feel.

and then this universal bit of wisdom, so gloriously true:

beyond mountains there are mountains.

may we all keep climbing our mountains, and meet new ones beyond.

(with thanks to tracy kidder, mountains beyond mountains, 2003)


Carolyn said...

Susan, I love your fork in the road photo!

susan said...

thanks, carolyn!! I wish I could take credit for taking it . . . be well!