Friday, July 15, 2011

thinking, hoping, believing

don't have much time to write here today, as I'm busy hydrating (as brad says, a good mountaineer always pees clear), keeping my electrolytes balanced, icing my knees, being kind to my saddle-interface area ('nuf said), fueling myself, and pretending I'm the little engine who could.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can is the mantra I've been chanting all day.

tomorrow is the IThinkICanyons 4-canyon challenge, and I plan to do it again, with the primary goal of comparing last year's ride to this year's. last year I was 5-weeks post clavicle surgery: this year I have no excuse.
so I darn better think my way up all four of those canyons, hoping and believing that I'll ride all 110 miles, climb all 12,000 feet, and survive to tell about it another day.

back to hydrating (and peeing), ice, a few more carbs, and
I think I can(yon), I think I can(yon), I think I can . . .

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