Sunday, March 27, 2011

snow dams

first ride up city creek canyon this year: .5 mile past the water treatment plant the pavement ends abruptly in a wall of plow-shoved snow. during that entire half mile snow encroaches upon the already narrow, weather-worn road, its edges leaking. although we can see our breath, it remains warm enough to eat away at the lobes of snow lying lazily upon the broken asphalt and the road is thus debris strewn and wet. this half mile of road has been plowed, curiously. was the driver just out for an adventure and grew tired? although I look forward to again seeing the grotto at the top, I wasn't broken-hearted to reach the snow dam. it's early: it's only march. perhaps I'll visit again in april, checking on progress, and perhaps next month I'll be ready to ride a little further. my legs might be convinced, by then, that the cycling season is truly beginning, the hills are set to be conquered, and that said legs are capable, confident, and eager. tonight, they're eager to just rest. good thing it's only march.

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