Tuesday, March 1, 2011

plug day

combining the above title with this morning's workout (argh, 10 minutes in zone 5, fifteen minutes in zone 4B, twenty-five minutes in 4A and then plenty other working minutes in lower zones), I could be writing about how it feels to plug along at the bottom of a heartrate zone. but I truly don't want to even think about how it felt (I'm just glad it's over) so instead, I will plug a few things that I think are cool. call me oprah.

yesterday a colleague showed me his new business cards. they are so cool: thick, firm stock with clean printing and great graphics, and just oversized enough to make you take note. the coolest thing, though, is that he flashed through his stack like they were a deck of cards, showing me all of the 25 different photos splashed on the backs. he's carrying around his own little photography collection, complete with vital info on the back. these are cool.

I've written about this site before, because I love it for their wit, cleverness and goofiness covered with a light but permanent coating of irreverence. yep, www.moosejaw.com. they sell my favorite kinds of things: jackets and coats and clothing articles that you might use in the great big outer world, as well as some comfy things you might hang out in at home. their ads are silly or just plain wacky, and always fun to read. I like this company.

one of my most favorite websites ever belongs to a company run by a woman named leigh standley. she is a designer from boston, mass, and she places her clever (and sometimes poignant) quotes on mugs and magnets, tees and cards and whatever else she dreams up. this is my personal leigh standley story: years ago I saw a card of hers with a quote on it which grabbed my attention and captured my heart. I decided to use it as a tag line on my email signature, and for quite some time spread it around that way: love imperfectly with great delight.
then a year or two ago a friend gave me a little decorative doo-hickey with the following words on it: live imperfectly with great delight.
I was stumped. I was quite certain the word was "love" not "live," but after no small amount of research, I discovered that I was wrong, that the original quote really did say "live." my romantic soul just changed it to "love," and I sailed forth in the world loving imperfectly, which I still do to this day.
visit this way cool sight at www.curlygirldesign.com and be sure to play with the map.

and finally, as a writer forever in search of an agent and publishers, I peruse many websites belonging to literary management firms. yesterday I crossed paths with this one, and was delighted by its originality and accomplishment. no staid, boring, old-men's-club-smoking-library here, this firm is run by the young. visit www.movabletypenyc.com for a taste of high tech and possibility. no, I don't tweet and I'm barely allowed to retain my facebook page I'm such an absentee parent, but I have oodles of admiration for those who know how to move in these worlds.

and of course I need to throw in a plug for something having to do with cycling, so I will again tell you how great the fat cyclist is. he is a one-man institution, full of clever insight, deep feelings, wisdom, courage, tenacity, and a love for his two-wheeled companions. he might never write a posting quite like this one, but one of his all-time most popular postings is an Open Letter To Assos, and you can check out the rest of his blog simply at www.fatcyclist.com.

okay, that's it for plug day.
I've enjoyed mine: go enjoy yours!

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