Saturday, March 19, 2011


some might question why I write what I write.

the answer falls into two different realms: one, the reason why I write, and two, the reason behind what I write.

first, as you know if you read me often, I write for practice. to hone my skill. to keep me on my toes and challenge my ability to put thoughts into cohesive (more or less) sentences, paragraphs, and blurbs. the fact that it's here and "published" online just helps keep me honest. in other words, it forces me to fulfill my commitment to myself because it's entirely too obvious when I don't.

second, I write to challenge. to put a thought out there that may make you---oh gentle reader---challenge your beliefs, your practices, your way of thinking about a subject, experience or event. it may not, it may just make you yawn or hit the "close tab" button, but there's also a possibility that something you read here may stick with you for a while, wiggle through your cache of beliefs and Understanding Of The World, and ultimately, eventually, either confirm or eat away at a thought you've held firmly for some time.

or perhaps it will reinforce or validate a belief.

or it might tick you off.

or it may make you settle a little more deeply into a part of yourself you'd like to know better, support, or embrace.

my approach to the world is this: we are placed here for a number of reasons, but underlying them all is an expectation or desire that we will commune with others on our journeys. that we will connect, share, enlighten, be enlightened by, inspire, gladden, and enrich the lives of those we interact with. just as no man is an island, not a single soul can accomplish its work without the help of others. without interrelationship we cannot march along toward evolution.
you just can't do it alone.
some of us step on others to move forward, some of us pick up those who've been knocked down. we bump and collide, and could never become the best versions of ourselves without what we learn from our observations, interactions and experiences with others.

so I'm just one more little lilypad in your great big life pond. I'm here, I set out my offerings, I suggest opportunities for reflection and validation. you can certainly reach the other side without ever noticing me, approaching me, or stepping foot anywhere near me. but I am here, I share what I have, I offer a gentle green space that radiates peace and faith. and occasionally, a launching pad for great leaps.
as john burroughs and many others have said,
leap, and the net will appear.
I say pause here anytime you want, refuel yourself, then leap . . . and the next lilypad you land upon may be the one you've been waiting for and trying to reach for a long time.
you never know.
but know this: when you leap, though there may not be anyone with you, you are not alone.

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