Monday, March 21, 2011


do you ever have one of those days?
mine started with a ridiculously difficult workout that my legs nearly refused to complete, where my heartrate hovered as low as it possibly could in the prescribed zone. I couldn't force it higher for the life of me.

in the weight room, I couldn't balance while attempting to do stationary squats, and nearly fell over onto my (red, flushed, embarrassed) face.

my old cassette tape player (I know, who has one of those anymore?) gave up the ghost this morning, and after I purchased a new one, I couldn't insert batteries into the little battery compartment: they just refused to fit. I broke a plastic knife trying to force them to behave.

my email program wouldn't (and still won't) let me send a message.

I burned lunch.

the ups man forgot to come pick up my packages.

it's taken me four tried to get this silly program to leave a blank line between the above two sentences.

the wind blew a twelve-foot long branch off my tree, which I have dragged onto the park strip and stared at, wondering just how I'm going to manipulate the thing into my garbage can,

and that's all.

all that I can remember, anyway, as I'm certain my mind is kindly blocking several things from my awareness so that I can remain upright and sane.

some days are just like this, aren't they? nothing catastrophic happened, nothing glorious happened, it's just that a handful of odd and complicating events sprinkled themselves across my day.

tomorrow, I expect, will be better.
everything will be back on track, all will function normally, and I will sail smoothly through it all. tomorrow's forecast is for high winds, but I am certain they will always, all day long, be at my back.
and whether or not you're in need (like me), I hope they're at your back, too.

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