Thursday, March 17, 2011

no and yes

no yoga.
no running.
no spin class, no power camp.
no cycling.

I have thoughts of taking a walk later.

this is called a day off.
and it's all in my best interest, I'm told.
some days the concept of a day off or a "rest day" is hard for me to deal with (I want to do something!) and other days I relax, sink into it, and am so entirely grateful I float in a pool of thankfulness.
today it's more the latter than the former; today I am just tired enough to appreciate the rest.

yesterday was one of those days that literally kept my head spinning. from a hard power camp workout at 5:10 am to hours spent on the phone with insurance companies, doctor's offices, and repairmen to the crew outside grinding concrete on my neighborhood sidewalks all day long, it seems everything was conspiring to make my head ache. some days are just like that. today I need a recovery day from life, not just from cycling-running-yoga.

the universe is cooperating.
my phone has only rung once; I've only received one fax. the concrete-grinders are gone. the repairman is quieting working away on the other side of the house. the insurance/doctor issue is resolved. my inbox is filling with only simple or delete-able things.
I don't have to go run or think about getting on my bike.

today, I'm thinking about breathing deeply, relaxing into the reality of what is, and not resisting anything that comes my way. I'm practicing an attitude, a posture really, of yes.
no to exercise morphs into yes to recovery.
yes to deep breaths and slow heartrates and yes to whatever crosses my threshold. yes to a peaceful outlook and yes to the belief that I can handle whatever comes my way.
yes to getting back in the saddle

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