Monday, September 27, 2010

visiting a parallel galaxy

I am usually on top of things, organized, focused, fairly accurate, all of those things.
but sometimes I slip off into another galaxy, I believe, and can't even remember what day it is. or was. or might be.

yesterday I was certain that it was the 25th, an odd day, and that I would need to post something here by the end of the day.
so when I noticed all the mountain bikers on the trails in millcreek canyon, I was amazed by how many of them were willing to break the rules. you see, bikes aren't allowed on upper canyon trails on odd-numbered days. wow, I thought, all of those bikers are cheating. hard to believe.
it was hard to believe.
in fact, it was so hard to believe that I started questioning it. well, questioning the date. back-tracking then, trying to remember friday's date, and saturday's date. all I knew is that I posted on friday, and that I needed to post again sunday, so . . . friday and sunday must be odd dates on the calendar.
and I really couldn't reconcile this in my mind! no, I posted friday, it HAD to be an odd day.

I'm not sure when I visited this parallel universe or for how long, but I was obviously gone for a while.

sure enough, when I got home and turned on my computer, I saw that I had posted friday the 24th. after posting thursday the 23rd. I deduce that I must have slipped away sometime thursday evening, spent an entire day somewhere else, so that when I returned friday I knew it was time to post again.

the bottom line is this: I now know it's an odd day. and I know I messed up this weekend. and I firmly believe it's because I was somewhere else.
if you can disprove that, go for it.
otherwise, that's my defense.

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