Friday, September 24, 2010


this past week on my emigration/little dell/east canyon rides, I've seen a million (at least) things. but a few stick out, and I, being me, have attached some significance to them. read on.

a doe, a deer.
we are in hunting season, with archery season ending last friday, muzzleloading just about to begin, and any-legal-weapon season still a month away. this deer crossed the road about thirty yards in front of me, turning to look back at me, pause and assess, then flounce off into the foliage. she has survived, she has managed to outsmart the hunters so far this season. she is a survivor, a beacon, a reminder.

my friend the coyote, twice. or two coyotes, once each.
either way, the message I receive here is continuity. I've been seeing him (them) all season, and I feel a kinship here. it's his (their) canyon, and it's my canyon, and we coexist beautifully. a new day dawns, he (they) forages and follows his instincts. a new day dawns, I ride, I follow my instincts.

a fuzzy yellow caterpillar, crossing the road, not two feet from my wheel.
obvious, the message here, which is don't give up. apparently the universe thought I needed a reminder of last week's message (see september 17 post ) and put another fuzzy little guy directly in my path (or maybe it was the same little guy, not sure how I'd know, especially since I can't even tell two coyotes apart). I will not give up.

little dell reservoir, still as glass, a mirror reflecting everything around it.
the message here I will take this way: we reflect what is around us. thus we are at our most beautiful when we surround ourselves with kind, loving, compassionate, joyful, deep, spiritual, open, passionate people. I'll keep it up.

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