Thursday, September 23, 2010

recover, recover, recover

tuesday I rode a recovery ride, 20 easy miles, heart rate controlled.
wednesday I had one of my best rides ever---I mean ever---up emigration to little dell reservoir and back.
do you think I will ever learn this lesson?

recover, recover, recover.

I'm currently involved in a writing project about a man who put his body through an incredibly intense experience last year. One of the many truths that revealed themselves to him over time was that his body needed periods of recovery. He craved days off, and his body rewarded him for them by continuing to function the following day.
his challenges were much greater than mine have ever been, as in addition to the strenuous physical demands he made on his body, he was underfeeding himself, nutritionally depleting every store and actually causing his body to turn and begin harming itself. this was an issue in and off itself, one that I work hard to completely avoid.

but the recovery issue is valid for me, for him, for my children, for all of us.
mentally, physically, emotionally---we all spend ourselves, and we must all be aware enough and kind enough to ourselves to incorporate ways to refuel.
a day off, gentle movements, stretching, resting, sleeping . . .
whatever it takes.
because you are worth it.

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