Saturday, June 6, 2009


this morning's ride was pure perfection.
the air was cool, sun shone down just as it was meant to, and there was a running event along the road that made for lots of "hello"s and "good morning"s and lent an overarching sense of community and camaraderie to the morning.
I rode to the top of Big Mountain, and as always, was stunned by the view of millions of trees working and weaving together to blanket the hillsides. in the lower half of the road to the top, trees shade the pavement and the asphalt was damp in long stretches, telling me just what had happened there while I slept last night.
the realization of just how privileged I am hit me squarely between the eyes: I live so close to heaven that I can hop on my bike and pedal there in an hour.

so, to keep me from waxing poetic and dripping sentimentality, I dreamed up 2 riddles as I rode my perfect ride today:

1. how can you tell a happy cyclist?

by the number of bugs on her teeth. uh-huh.

2. two cyclists are on the road leading to Big Mountain. they are both exactly 2 miles from the top of the summit, and they are both similarly strong riders. however, one is 5 minutes from the top, and the other is 18 minutes from the top. how can this be?

one was coming down, and I was going up.

yes, the first one I stole from the old motorcyclist joke, and yes, the second one came to me as I was riding . . . while breathing hard and obviously short on oxygen.

may your next ride be as perfect as mine was this morning.

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