Friday, June 26, 2009


why I ride:

to eat more cookies.
to eat more cake.
to eat more everything.
to think.
to stop thinking.
to escape.
to strengthen my heart.
to challenge my muscles.
to breathe fresh air.
to enhance my (very strange) tan.
to stay fit.
to swoop and feel pure joy.
to experience that powerful feeling of triumph over difficulty.
to conquer the next peak.
to feel the wind on my face, the sun on my shoulders, the solid road beneath me.
and because I can.

this weekend I'll be riding many, many miles around and throughout the logan valley. this is an organized ride, the fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis that I've been soliciting funds for over the past 2 months. about 3000 of us will be out there, sweating and panting and coasting and being thankful that we're able to do so.
I am so damn fortunate to have the health I do: I thank God regularly for the amazingly blessed path I'm traveling.
and which I intend to continue traveling upon:
spinning my legs around, feeling the sheer pleasure of canyon air on my cheeks, sweating and collecting a layer of dirt atop my skin, pushing myself, stretching my boundaries, and experiencing new heights of accomplishment with every ride.

see ya out there.

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