Sunday, June 28, 2009

fear of the unknown, or, trust in the universe

often things in life become disrupted, unrooted.
you can be sailing along ~ smoothly or more bumpily ~ making plans, looking forward, tacking and trimming, adjusting the till and in general, doing quite a decent job of maneuvering through life when suddenly the winds calm, or the winds gather steam and throw a storm at you.
you think you're headed toward a particular destination, and suddenly find that this will no longer work.
plans change.
you create a new plan.
and sometimes, there is fear.
the unknown looms, and the uncertainty wraps itself around you like a dense and creepy mantle.
wait, I wanted it
this way. I had a plan. I knew what I was getting into.
now everything is different, and I am entering uncharted waters, solo. I want the situation I knew back, not this unknown, possibly dislikable future.

and this is what the universe has been diligently working to teach me over these past few years:
trust me, I'll take care of you. the new plan will bring you more joy than you could ever realize. you just have to take a deep breath, put that first foot forward, and go.

comfort has its benefits, no doubt.
discomfort is even better for us, however.

to use again that infamous quote: you can't know what will transpire until you actually have the courage to get there.

be brave, have faith in your ability to adapt and change, and have enormous trust in that awesome bundle of mass and energy, the wise and ultimately benevolent universe.

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