Tuesday, June 16, 2009


one day a thought crossed my mind, a question really, more than a thought. whispery words flitted across my mind's terrain, a spidery little query that asked
if you could ride your bike anywhere, anywhere, where would you want to ride?

it startled me.

first, I did not dream up this thought. it came to me, not vice versa. I know I am supposedly in charge of my thoughts, but this welled up from the deeper sub- or even un- conscious me.
second, I have not been in a place where dreaming of wild and improbable possibilities is something I dare do. I have more been in a place of being grateful there is asphalt nearby, there are canyons close at hand, and I even have a bike to ride. to be able to mentally transport myself to a dream spot seemed so far beyond reach that it stretched my comfort zone to the breaking point.
third, I didn't have an answer.

and now, a few weeks later, I still don't have an answer.

I can paint a vague dreamscape: it is lush and green and full of smoothly paved asphalt that glides over rolling hills. there would have to be a significant climb or two, and mile after mile of peacefully flat road surrounded by trees and water and homes and a handful of twittering, singing birds. a rushing stream, noisy and cheerful, and dogs in cars pushing their heads out the window and exuding joyful anticipation of the coming run.
or it's twisting and winding through a tuscan countryside.
or it's on maui, a cool morning on the freshly paved road to hana.

it's not so much the where, it's the belief that someday the experience may actually come to life.
so for now I will keep on my known and beloved roads, inhaling my beloved scenery, knowing that even better and more incredible experiences will some day exist because I had the courage to dream.

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