Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lunch bunch

today instead of counting cars heading up and down the canyon, I counted cyclists. and I was pretty busy doing so considering it was a weekday early afternoon.
to be truthful, I lost my train of thought a few times and had to work really hard to try to remember where the count was, so my number is not completely accurate, but I'm sure it doesn't really matter. I'm close.

cyclist number three, heading west down the canyon as I was heading up, wins the My Favorite Cyclist Today prize: she was grinning from ear to ear and looked as happy as I felt. I love that. cyclist number ten heading west was a close second, as he actually verbalized a "hello" across the road to me. third place goes to the guy in tee-shirt and shorts who was cruising down the back side of little mountain as I was heading back up from the reservoir: he wins the Warm-Blooded Cyclist award today, because 54 degrees to me still warrants a little more clothing than what he had on. he said hi, though, and I'm pretty sure that was a happy grin I saw connected with the greeting.
and the other forty or so cyclists out today seemed outwardly pleasant enough, though I imagine inside they must all have been feeling like me, incredibly grateful to be out in this weather at this time of year. how else do you explain almost 45 cyclists riding up and down emigration in the middle of a workday? it's not something I see very often.
I wonder how many are on a lunch break and return to work stinky, starving, and on an endorphin high? do you think this is something that increases productivity, or perhaps just guarantees them solitude for the rest of the workday?
I passed three men heading up today, and they were all of an age that makes me think they didn't have to worry about lunch hours. they were all riding steadily, just at a pace somewhat less than mine, and they stirred thoughts within me about my riding future. will I be riding in 5 years, in 10? and will I be riding when I'm in my sixties, my seventies? I don't see nearly as many women of "retirement age" out riding as I do men of the same age. which makes me curious. and I guess it really doesn't matter who I see out there doing what, it all just depends on what I do.
I plan to keep riding.
and waving and smiling and saying hello.
and some day I'll probably ride a little more slowly.
but I will still wave, and smile, and say hello.

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