Saturday, November 22, 2008

crazy quilt

so far today I have come up with 5 ideas of things to write about here, and none of them is worth more than about a paragraph. thus, today you get a crazy quilt, a hodge podge, and perhaps something is one of them will send your mind somewhere fun.

words of encouragement.
I rode up big mountain today, something I haven't done for a month. I've claimed time limitations, but I've actually been reluctant to attempt it for fear it will be too difficult. yes, even though I've done it probably 25 times or more. today, I broke my fear barrier, and as I was riding I thought of what a fellow cyclist, brett, said when I first started riding: if you can climb big mountain, you can climb anything around here. imagine the confidence I gained when I learned I could climb big mountain. it was huge. and then there's biking buddy bob's words from last year: if you can do the here-to-huntsville-and-back ride, you can do lotoja. I did the huntsville ride, and my confidence soared. these two guys don't know what huge boosts they gave me with their simple words.

yes, I'm on it again. last night connie r. told me that often, while she's out walking, she will pass people who won't say hello or even acknowledge her. argh!! can this really be? you know how I am on a bike, but this is how I am on a sidewalk: in their face with a smile, a hello, and eye contact. when I'm working outside and people walk past on the sidewalk, I've been known to stop them and ask questions, just to engage them in this process of acknowledging me. I just don't believe we are supposed to pretend others don't exist. it's not part of the master plan, and I am going to keep working on this one. strangers, beware.

utah vs. byu
on my way home from today's ride, I saw hundreds of people wearing red in cars on their way to the Big Game. cars sported Ute flags, and people were honking horns at some Utah fans on foothill drive with big banners and posters. I don't care for football, but I love to see so many happy, enthusiastic people on their way to do something they're excited about. I ride my bike, they go watch the Utes: happy is happy.

lungs vs. legs
a few years back I was discussing running/biking/jogging with a friend. he asked me what reached its limit first when I was working really hard, my lungs or my legs? I think of this question frequently, when I'm working hard climbing a hill, and I'm never quite sure of the answer. it seems like when I'm breathing quickly and heavily, my leg muscles are working at full capacity as well. if I were not gasping for breath quite so much, would I be able to work harder? or are my leg muscles at their limit, keeping me from moving any more quickly? how can I test this theory without killing myself?

my daughter got a kitten last week, and I am fascinated with her playfulness (the kitten's, not my daughter's). when she is in the mood, she just throws her body around, tumbling herself over, reaching out to swat at whatever is nearby. she jumps at the arm of the couch, latching on with her front claws, hanging on like she's wearing little velcro patches. she'll dash around the house, full speed, then suddenly stop and throw herself backward in a somersault. playful is one of my life challenges, I'm pretty sure. I am here to learn how to play, and it's not easy. I can be quirky and goofy, but underlying it all is this deeply serious me. perhaps I'll be able to take some lessons from skittles, the kitty.


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