Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the huge box on my doorstep

how can I not be political today?
I could write about the beautiful snow outside, how much I enjoyed watching it from the spin room this morning, how much I also watch the clock during spin class, or how my heart is heavy from loss of outdoor morning riding . . . but because we as a nation have risen to new heights, I need to go there.
to an abstract concept, that of

I have paused so long my computer is ready to throw the screen-saver action up.

I find myself without words again. so I will begin somewhere else, and see if I can work my way into what it is I'm trying to express.
I have felt pulled by Barack Obama since I first heard of him, years ago. everything that he was then he continues to be now: strong, confident, calm, peaceful, patient, compassionate. he is the person I want to represent me. I may not agree with every thought he utters or every belief he shares, but I respect his thoughtfulness, his wisdom, and his determination to move in a direction that benefits a greater number as opposed to fewer.
Obama carries himself with respect and dignity, and challenges us all to do the same.
I believe that his election to the office of President is a gift to our entire nation, that this man is capable of changing our world. I know this is an aggressive statement to make, but certainty about this resides in my soul. I am not naive, and I know he will accomplish things only if we pull together and assist in the process. but I am certain that his presidency will leave a positive, lasting handprint on this world.
that we have finally acknowledged a need for differently-minded people to guide us is so very beautiful to me. I have been hearing for years about the "spiritual awakening" that we are in the process of experiencing, and this election, to me, signifies another step along the way. it feels like a decision to heal, to move forward, to share more deeply of our common lives.
it's as if a huge box was delivered to my doorstep last night: I untied the bright, joyful ribbons and lifted the lid and there, inside, perched on the bottom but ready to take flight were hope and connection and faith and belief. they have colored my world today, and have touched millions of us with their optimism and strength.
I watched people cry last night, as a dream they did not believe possible came to fruition in real life.
I have always held hope for us all, and you know faith is tattooed on my knuckles, but last night I was given tangible proof of the power of prayer, patience, and wisdom, and I plan to revel in the glory of our nation's huge healing movement for a long time to come.

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