Thursday, November 27, 2008

the last thursday in november

I have to be like everyone else today, and focus on what I'm thankful for.
because if I didn't, it wouldn't feel right. it's expected of us all, and though I hate to be common, I also exude gratitude so this is a pretty easy process.
you already know so many of the things I'm grateful for that to start from the beginning would bore you to tears. therefore I have decided that today, I will list things you may not know already. this will challenge me, and possibly provide entertainment for you.

I am thankful for:

sweet 'n low
pilot precise V-point pens
funky paperclips
composers and songwriters
beautiful, rich voices
rain that cleans my sidewalks
my icemaker
water, in just about any form
eucerin cream
van morrison
friends who don't give up on you
stores full of amazing things that I am able to just look at
the internet
time with no "have-to's"
my vacuum
fences and boundaries
my mother, incredible woman that she is
the scent of lemons and grapefruit
tootsie rolls
playing cards
dictionaries and thesauruses

and that's my quirky list for the day, a small portion of the myriad things for which I am truly grateful.

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