Saturday, January 7, 2012

white stuff

we woke up to snow this morning, our city covered with the thick, wet white stuff.
woo hoo!
as a cyclist I know I shouldn't be woo-hooing this, but as a complete human being, I am so excited I am almost jumping up and down.

  • first, it's beautiful. absolutely beautiful. fresh, clean, our world is the proverbial winter wonderland.

  • second, it's covering up all my ugly plant beds, my leaves, and my winter worn grass.

  • third, it kept me from having to go for an outdoor ride in 35 degree weather today.

  • fourth, our ski resorts have been in desperate need.

  • fifth, our land needs the moisture.

  • sixth, it is simply beautiful.

  • seventh, this means there's a chance I might be able to go snowshoeing sometime soon.

  • eighth, it makes me appreciate even more greatly my warm bed, soft couch, indoor heat.

that's enough, though if I worked at it I'm sure I could come up with several more.
back to my world-changing book, nestled securely and warmly as I am in my snug little home.
woo hoo!

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