Friday, January 27, 2012


it's friday.
and I've written before about power camp fridays, how they are usually recovery days that involve gerbil leg work.
today's workout:
15 minute warm up, zone 2, 95 rpm
15 minute zone 3A 110-115 rpm
15 minute zone 3A 115-120 rpm
5 minute zone 3A 120-125 rpm
10 minute cool down, zone 2, 95 rpm
then off to the weight room, pump a little iron, stretch a few bands, do some balancing acts on the bosu ball.

blah, blah, blah, my only real point in listing it is to let you know that the cadence requirement kept going up, and that it got ridiculously high.
biking buddy bob suggested that J.R. just made this workout up so that it would appear we were doing something when really it was just about recovery.
recovery that makes me sweat like crazy.

and that was the long segue just to get to the conversation of the morning.
often it's Trivia Fridays, like last week, when we learned the speed records for riding a bike downhill on snow.
today it was about quirks.
leslie is helping us get to know about each other by asking us to reveal a quirk about ourselves.
when she first mentioned the topic and that we would have to share a personal quirk, I laughed. I have so darn many I could probably share one a day for the rest of power camp.
and they are all harmless, just silly things that are probably more revealing than I want to think about.
so for now, I'll share some quirks that belong to others in the class:

  • I never let my gas tank go below half full

  • I can't stand to be sticky, I shower at least three times a day, more often in summer

  • I love stale Peeps, but they have to be yellow, chicks, and exactly three days' stale

  • I count everything

  • I have to leave an even dollar amount for a tip, can't leave any change

  • when I microwave something I never use the number 5

  • I have this thing for odd numbers, always choosing them when I can over an even number

  • I love stale gummy bears

  • I can't stand to have any hair touch my face when I sweat

  • my closet is organized by color and sleeve length

  • I have to touch the outside of an airplane before I'll get in it

  • I have to check twice or even three times to make sure I've locked the door behind me

now the nice thing about this is you see just how normal you really are, that everyone else is full of what we'll nicely call "quirks" too.
and okay, I did slip mine in there, and it doesn't stick out at all, does it?
I'm sure all y'alls would slip neatly inside this list, too.

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