Tuesday, January 3, 2012


my first waking thought this morning, after I silenced the beeping alarm, was
this is ridiculous.
quickly followed by,
why am I doing this?

the answer came about seventy minutes later, well into my power camp class, after I'd hit zone 5 about five times:
because it starts my day off really well, and gosh, I feel great.

today's workout was one of those interval things, up to zone 5 for just a minute, then back down to a low intensity work level for three minutes, then repeat. nine more times.
these things aren't easy, but man oh man I feel great when it's all over. it is, more than anything else, that sense of mastery, of accomplishment, of pushing your limits and finding you are capable that makes me feel so great.

and my intention for this year--and the rest of my life--is to live more in that place of feeling capable, accomplished, and great.

in last saturday's yoga class our instructor, at the end of savasana, read to us from neale donald walsch's conversations with god. it was a brief passage about letting go of doubt, of fear, and celebrating who you are, living that being fully and beautifully, just as you were meant to do. every time I hear this I think yes, this is how I want to be.

  • every time I finish a time trial, hit zone 5 ten times, or ride powerfully up the canyon, I feel this.

  • every time I speak to my children from my heart, I feel this.

  • every time I dip deep into my internal river and find words, phrases, entire paragraphs that convey what I wish to convey, I feel this.

  • even when I successfully scrub a toilet, fold and replace laundry, and mop my floors, I feel this.
how do we live this all times and all ways? this is our challenge, our life challenge, and I will do my darnedest (I cannot simply try, can I?) to live it.

so off I go, returning to the manuscript I'm creating, next year's best-selling book that will change lives across the world.
and tomorrow morning I'll arise early once more, go spin my heart out and feel that powerful sense of accomplishment, then return home and dig into that manuscript again.
and again.
see ya on the best-seller's list!

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