Sunday, January 29, 2012

lack of inspiration

it's about 41 degrees and just gray enough to keep the sun from shining through. the wind is from the northwest, not crazy, just everpresent and a little cold.

I was not the only one out on a bicycle today, but nobody looked particularly happy.
no great big grins.
but outside is still better than inside.

and because it was a little too cold I stayed flat(ish) in the city. no canyon climb today.
I asked the universe for inspiration. I hoped to see, smell, experience something that would be worth writing about here, and nothing happened. nothing came to me. nothing stirred me, inspired me, made me whoop with joy or frown in disgust. nothing clicked, nothing sparked, nothing jogged a memory cell or made a synapse fire.

my ride was as boring as today's sky, uninspiring, uneventful.

so I won't belabor the point, I will just, in conclusion, hope that for all our sakes, inspiration returns tomorrow.

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