Saturday, June 11, 2011

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine . . .

okay, my super friend holly, who is most dedicated to being a bearer of light, has gone and done it.

she gave me an award, which means I have to respond and play a game, a blogging game. I don't know how to do this, so bear with me as I try to figure it out.
she ever-so-kindly nominated me (along with 9 or so others) for a Sunshine Award.
now I still don't really know much about this, but I have a hard time seeing something with that title being a bad thing. (unless, I suppose you consider sunburns and skin cancer, which I am not about to consider.)
so, holly, whose astute and flavorful A Life-Size Catholic Blog is always an informative delight, passed this honor to me, along with the work that comes with it.
so, susan, who writes and posts here as a way to force herself to practice her writing skills, is struggling to figure out how to play the game without playing the game.

first, I needed to understand what this award is.
googling (what would I do without google?) told me that this award is given to "those bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."
then I tried researching the origin of this award, and the oldest citation I found was from january of 2010, and it was simply someone writing about receiving one. couldn't find anything about who started it. of course, I was only patient enough for a two-minute search.
next came paying attention to How To Play The Game. holly states the steps are thus:
acknowledge the presenter (done!), say something about yourself (like I don't do this constantly?), choose 10 other blogs to give the same award to (oh, oh, big problem here), then let those 10 blogs know you've awarded them with this highly coveted, prestigious award (same problem as the previous step: I don't know of 10 blogs.)

my next step involved deep contemplation: do I want to play this game, and if so, how can I realistically choose 10 blogs when I really don't know of more than about 2, and will elden at the Fat Cyclist blog think I'm weird if I give him the Sunshine Award?

this all erupted in my life yesterday, and I could hardly sleep at all last night.
so this morning I got up and went for a bike ride, hoping to clear my head and work out the problem.
then I went to the tennis court and hit (sometimes) and missed (more often) balls in a further effort to work out what I was going to do.

and now here I sit, knowing that all I really want to do is let holly know that she spreads more light and sunshine around (and knowledge and information, too), in a clever and genuine way, than any other ten people combined.

and that's my answer.

so, holly, another sunshine award back at 'ya. be well, continue your fight for good, and thanks for all of the love and light you spread around.
(and elden, you're way cool, too: if I were awarding sunshine awards I'd paste a big one right on top of your life.)


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Like I plastered all over the comment section of my blog … you are a little stinker—a sunshiny-little-stinker, but a little stinker all the same. Ten nominations back to the person who nominated you in the first place. Really?

Well, I’m breaking my rule follower pledge, because I’m not playing the game again, more “Sunshine Award” nominations, or not! I have to say, you squeaked, out of your award work ever so adeptly. I might make up an award myself, and nominate you again— it’s going to be the “Ever So Clever” award.

Thanks for all the kind words!

connie1751 said...

You are playing tennis? That is awesome. Can we play?

susan said...

oops, did I say I was PLAYING tennis? no, I was hitting an occasional and missing many more of the balls that came my way. but it was fun! there may be more of that in my future, but you and your daughter would embarrass me severely if we were on the same court....