Monday, June 27, 2011

the bad ass crew

last weekend was the MS fundraiser Best Dam Bike Ride in cache county, utah and various small idaho locales.
weather was perfect, the roads were as good as can be expected (yep, about a mile of smooth asphalt and 174 miles of chip seal in various states of repair), and the company, absolutely fabulous.
and because I'm tired and it's been one of those intense days of re-entry into motherhood/entrepreneurship/homeownership/etc. I am simply going to say that the team I ride with is a collection of incredibly terrific people. we are a social team who focus on fundraising for two local events (the Tour de Cure for diabetes, and the above-mentioned ride for multiple sclerosis), and we comprise males and females of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and vocations. the common threads seem to be a love of cycling, and--at least to my mind--a sense of humor. we seem to enjoy each other, the gathering, the riding, the events . . . and quite a few of my teammates are Dam Good Cyclists as well. we have licensed riders, and sunday riders, and everything in between.
I'm lucky enough to be able to hold on with the faster group on this kind of event, and it makes for one wild ride. the very best hold back so that those who are down a level or two can still hang in there, and we often form a double pace line of 20 or so that just powers down the road.

I didn't mean to ramble on.

I just wanted to say that these people are awesome.
organized by ann hoffman and steve dwyer, this is a team of compassionate, giving, welcoming people who are held together by pieces of rubber, a bit of carbon/aluminum/steel, some huge hearts, and the best looking team kits around.

thanks to all my bad ass friends for an awesome weekend.

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