Friday, June 3, 2011

joy, doubled

I caught a little blurb on television the other day, someone talking about how to live a fulfilling life. there were a handful of things to do, but one of them was a suggestion to find one thing each day that brings you joy, then to write about it and talk about it.

such a simple thing to do, and something that is made possible for me by my cycling: every day I ride (which is almost every day) I find myriad things that bring me joy, from the movement from "argh, I can't do this today" to its slow release and change into "oh, this feels great," from the red tailed hawks to the scampering chipmunks, from the cool breeze to the warm sun to the gushing, rushing creek.

joy is everywhere, and to acknowledge it is to increase it.

there it went!

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