Thursday, May 19, 2011

still and still

one breath.
my breath.
in, deeply, held for mere nanoseconds longer than is natural, released. completely. emptied, concavity.
gathered again, collected, drawn in and inflating my lungs, held, once again released.

the world stills, its momentum slowed, its energy collected and held as close as my breath.

it's raining, relentlessly, again, ceaselessly.
I am being asked---told---to slow, to be still, to breathe in one breath at a time, to hold it, to release it, and to move forward at that pace.
no jumping on the bike, revving the heartrate, breathing fast and shallow and chasing away the thinking.
today I get to just be still, and listen to the rain, and breathe.

it was a yoga morning, stretching and pulling my muscles, flexing and pushing my joints, helping my body relearn its flexibility and resilience. practicing quietly, breathing deeply, hoping that my heart and mind will rediscover their own flexibilities and resiliences.

it is a day for stillness, the sweet smell of rain settling heavily around, the splash of puddles bringing a childlike glee to my heart, the wet somehow weighting me, solidifying my presence here on earth.

I breath.
one breath, in, held slightly longer than I want to, and released.
and it rains, still.

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