Friday, May 13, 2011

the ipod experiment

in all of my years of riding (okay, almost 5 now), I have never worn an ipod and listened to music as I've pedaled up the road.
until yesterday.

some organized rides have Stated Rules that forbid the use of ipods while riding---which some people ignore---and I've always thought of ipod use as something that would interfere with my interface with the natural world. pearl jam blaring, drowning out the chirping birds, kenye west's lyrics messing with the sound of rushing water, bob dylan mumbling so loud I couldn't hear the crickets.
I have friends and even a few riding buddies who listen to their ipods while riding, and even do it when we're on a long group ride: I've never quite understood why they choose to do so. which is a little strange, I'll admit, given my absolute love of listening to music while I run.

and then came yesterday, when I decided to try it.
I planned a route with as little traffic as possible, and as few intersections and stoplights. hah! I chose to ride up my favorite canyon! what a surprise. it was all in the interest of being safe.
it was a gorgeous day, and I wrapped my little ipod holder around my arm, earbud around my left ear, pushed the "shuffle" button, and set off.
within a minute a smile crept onto my face, and there it stayed.
I had a great ride.

now, it was 70 degrees, and I was in my favorite place, and I did get to ride all the way up toward east---on a closed-to-cars road---until snow covered the asphalt right before the first switchback . . . but I do have to give some credit to the music playing in my ear.
it was fun.

so, what did I learn?
I liked listening to music as I rode
it was motivating
I could still hear everything: birds, cars, my pounding heart, my labored breath . . .
the only time I had to pause it was to hear more loudly the rushing creek
I need some good climbing songs

I know lance used to listen to linkin park: guess it's time to me to google motivating cycling music, and dig out one of those itunes gift cards lying around, and reload my ipod with some great cycling tunes.
and see how it goes.

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