Tuesday, May 17, 2011

it's snowing on my geraniums

just imagine what my geraniums think, and double that.
and that might come close to what I'm thinking as I sit here, inside, on may 17th, and watch it snow.
all over my flowers, my plants, my lawn, my sidewalk, and my streets.
my streets, where my bike wants to ride.

the forecast for the week is dreary and gloomy, and it's likely ruby won't be seeing dry pavement much at all.
I keep telling myself how beautiful it is, the snow that sits on all of our mountaintops, and how fabulous it is that we're receiving so much moisture, here in our desert state.
but there's a part of me that's moaning and moping, shivering and grumpily wrapping up in blankets. waiting for the pavement to dry.

they say life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
life is snow and sleet when you want to be riding your bike; life is disappointments and heartache when you want to be joyful and easygoing. life is work, chores, seriousness and responsibility; life is hugs and spontaneity and stalwart pansies who peek their heads through blankets of snow.

enjoy the rain, susan, enjoy the respite from pedaling and climbing. enjoy the lush growth and vibrant trees, the smell of wet earth and the mountain peaks outlined in snow.
you will be able to ride your bike when it's time.
tomorrow you can make plans again; today was meant for enjoying fresh, white, clean fat snowflakes sitting, fleetingly, on your crimson geraniums.

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