Tuesday, May 31, 2011

on feeling like a groundhog

I have this recurring experience while riding during the past six weeks or so:
I feel like punxsutawney phil.
without the paparazzi.

it's been gray, cloudy, rainy, snowy, sleety around here, just about everything but sunny. and then every once in a great while, the sun will pop out from behind the clouds and I'll see my shadow.
yes, I see my shadow!
I get all excited--look, sunshine, wow!--and then I think about phil. does this mean six more weeks of gloom? or is spring coming? it's almost june: shouldn't spring be here by now? how does it feel to be phil, does he feel anything like I do when I'm surprised (gratifyingly) by my shadow? does he care whether it's gloomy or sunny?

I saw my shadow again today, quite a few times during my ride. then it disappeared for great lengths of time. I missed it. I'm ready to see it more regularly.
I'm done with the hibernation of winter, I'm ready to ride sleeveless and without toe-covers. I'm ready to have my tan lines pop back out for the season, I'm just plain old ready for it to be warm.
and sunny.
and full of shadows, preferably my own.

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