Tuesday, February 15, 2011


if you know much about me, you know that at heart, I am a writer.
I need to write, it is as much a part of me as my eye color and the shape of my ears.

now I also know that everyone (and their dog) has a blog and is writing a book.
apparently, many of us have similar wishes, desires, and drives. I often feel like just one more person who thinks they have something to say.
but I cannot shirk this; it will not go away. so I keep practicing here (yep, you're my practice guinea pigs) and I keep on plodding along, eyes on that carrot out there that says yes, someday, a book, a payment, validation.
you know me and carrots.

so today I celebrate.
not only did I complete a 25 minute time trial this morning (that's 25 continuous minutes at VT, ventilatory threshold, zone 5, top number on our little workout cards, killer place to hang), but I also finished the book I've been working on.

these two things are related.

here's the story: this blog was born two and a half years ago as a way for me to practice--daily--my writing skills. I'd made a commitment to focus on what my heart told me I had to do, and decided a blog was the perfect way to support this commitment: it was earth friendly (I don't waste paper), it was a challenge (to create something worth reading every day), and it was public (I can't pretend I did it when I didn't).

so I rode my bike, and I wrote here. most every day I was riding and writing, as well as doing all the other things one must do in life (work, laundry, cleaning, cooking, parenting, you know).
and this went on for a good year or so, when I cut back to posting every other day to preserve my sanity. about the same time, though, I wrote a post about someone I'd seen while on a bike ride. september 26, 2009, I passed a man pulling a handcart down emigration canyon, and I wrote about it here: faith greater than pain.
and a friend of this man's read my post.
and told the handcart-pulling man.
who later hired me to write his story.
which is now finished. today. this morning.

so today I celebrate, I celebrate the tao of cycling, the way of cycling, which has brought untold joys into my life, countless friends into my life, amazing strength and tenacity and focus into my life. and a book into my life.

I'm still on the path to fulfilling my life purpose. but I've just passed another milestone, and it feels great. it's taken me a lot longer to write this book than it did to complete my time trial this morning, but they have similar aspects:

  • you have to do the prep work, the ground work beforehand: you can't just walk in and do it
  • it isn't easy to hang in there when it gets difficult
  • it seems to take longer than it should, and watching the clock doesn't help in the least
  • sometimes it hurts, sometimes you want to bail
  • it can drain you, exhaust you
  • you feel like the king of the mountain when it's done
  • and . . . there's always another one in your future

which is good, because laurels are pretty prickly things to rest on.

and like a time trial, the completion of the book is just one more step in the lengthy process of getting it to a bookshelf. we have a long way to go; I can just hope that the groundwork I've laid, the tenacity I've developed, and the endurance I've grown and nurtured will pay off not only for my riding, but also for my writing.

may your life also be filled with carrots, laurels, payoffs . . . and of course, more carrots.

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