Sunday, February 13, 2011

57 and sunny

so where do you think you could find me?
yep, up my favorite little canyon, along with a few dozen other cycling enthusiasts who weren't afraid of a little downhill chill and rooster tails from the melting snow wetting the roads.

the sky is nothing but blue, snow still covers most of the hillsides and lies thick in shaded, south-side bike lanes, and it is a gloriously perfect day for cycling.

which makes more than a few of us choose between have-to's and wanna's.
yesterday's weather was almost as nice, and instead of riding outside I chose to focus on some of my have-to's. I dusted and vacuumed, mopped floors and did laundry. I worked on paperwork (can we talk about having a child applying to colleges, and the resulting mountain of paperwork that descends on his parent who applies for financial aid?), and was partially present for a teenage daughter who---with eight friends---was primping and prepping for a high school dance.

today, I was focused on fitting in my wanna.

this time of year, if you really love to ride your bike, you have to be prepared at any time to leap on it when the sky clears and the sun pours down.
I'll do laundry later.
I know I can get that application completed by the end of the day.
there's enough food in the fridge, I can put off going to the store until tomorrow.
I'll get the sheets changed/ironing done/work handled/gas in the car after I get back.
because this kind of perfect riding weather is only here for a short while, and then we'll be back to snow and rain and cold.

do I feel guilty sometimes?
but I also know that I'm a better, healthier, happier person when I get to do what I love.
not always, not all the time, not at the expense of crucial, important, immovable things.
but when we learn to fuel ourselves with what fills our hearts with joy and our minds with bliss, we are then better able to pass that along to those around us, those we care for, those we work and interact with.

today was a day to soak in joy and bliss. and the forecast for the week gives me a few more warm (though windy) days before . . . yep . . . the snow returns. so, perhaps I'll take what I can get, and postpone the postponable until thursday.
sounds good to me.

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