Friday, February 11, 2011


a milestone!

and a rather cool one at that, one that five months ago I never thought would ever, ever happen.
to many of you this could fall under the heading No Big Deal, or I Hit That So Long Ago I Can't Even Remember, but for me, this is cool:
I have now run over 100 miles.

woo hoo!

I'm not counting any running in grade school, high school or college, or even my pitiful attempts a couple years ago. this is just in my new life phase as One Who Runs.

again, I'm happy to celebrate a little milestone because if I don't do it, no one else will, and an Occasion will slip past unacknowledged, a sad and lamentable thing. life is busy, life is often over-stuffed with activities, due dates, and paperwork. perhaps its because of this that recognizing small moments, little achievements, silly anniversaries and events is such a gift and treat.
you already know I love to give myself awards and rewards, and the huge magnet board in my hallway is plastered with bib numbers, stickers, medals, ribbons, and pictures of all of us in our sporting activities: reminders of our capabilities fuel future activities.
next time I moan about my poor, tired quads not being up for running, I can remind myself that I have a hundred miles on my shoes already, that there's simply not an acceptable excuse.

now all of that being said, I have to admit that I'm sitting here this morning trying to decide whether or not I'm going to go run today. I ran two days ago, and power camp's intervals have been a bit tougher than usual this week. this morning's class was a spin-out, however, and I don't have class again until tomorrow afternoon . . .
I could rest up.
or I could whittle away at the next 100.

yes, no, this, that . . . I suppose I'd better go look at the magnet board.
if you all were to place bets on what I'll do, I wonder what the odds would be . . .

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