Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's good to have a goal

so we know this coming saturday is the first event of the winter running series.
we know tomorrow is the sign-up cut off.
we also know that the prediction is for an inversion saturday.
and . . . we also know that the predicted high for saturday is about 44 degrees.

and what I know is that susan is feeling the need for a carrot.

I can't think too far out, because my life is a little wiggly right now and I need to stabilize a bit before I can make plans further than a week or two out. but I can think about this coming saturday, and 44 degrees is in my "tolerable" range for an outdoor bike ride . . .

I think I have a carrot.

of course right now it's snowing, has been for the past several hours, and I keep watching people turn on to my street and slide for a dozen feet or so before their vehicles correct themselves, and I'm just about to go shovel all of that snow from my sidewalks and driveway. an enjoyable outdoor bike ride seems pretty impossible at the moment; good thing we live in such a changeable place and that I have an imagination.

so . . . no long range goals for me, no commitments to any events, not even a single firm goal for the coming cycling season. no registrations completed, no reservations made, not a plan even penciled in on my calender.
but I have a little carrot.
and for now, a little carrot is at least something.
and perhaps another carrot will appear, soon, then another, and then the next right thing will appear, and then the next. then life will fill again, the snow will melt, the sun will shine, and everything will, once again, be right with the world.


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Might be reading between the lines ... but it sounds like you won’t be joining up Saturday.

susan said...

oh, you're good at that between-the-lines stuff!!! I tried, I'm still working on it, I'm not yet ready to run out in public.......