Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the personal ad

people in bike class have been talking about which events they want to commit to, and there's always some of that hey, come with us talk bouncing around. which is great, and seems like fun, but sends me to a place of thinking, yes, but then I'll be all alone when you all take off ahead of me.
this is the problem with having blue card friends.
or even white card male friends.
or even white card female friends who are still faster than me.

I need to find someone who rides just like me.

a new kind of personal ad: 1.45 power-to-weight ratio looking for same to ride bikes with during events. male-female-androgynous-homosexual-heterosexual-doesn't matter: this is about riding a bike. must not be too strong of a rider, yet must be slightly obsessed and willing to sweat like hell. prefer a morning person, as events usually start early in the day and I don't do well around grumpy people. just looking for company, and don't mind exchanging dumb jokes and stories that wind and twist around before coming to an end which can be in the middle or anywhere else. not too chatty, though, as I sometimes slip into a meditative place while riding. would be helpful if accustomed to carrying a few extra snacks, cartridges, and tubes, and would be a great bonus if adept at changing tires. must be willing to stop for refueling, but not be one who spends a great deal of time at rest stops.
just looking for someone to keep me company while the rest of my friends take off up the hill or across the flats.

what do they say about choosing friends you want to emulate? apparently I'm quite good at that.

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