Monday, February 1, 2010

the day job

this is the best part of my job: I'm able to be a silent observer of human kind at its best. I am a voyeur, let in on people's secrets, their compassion and gratitude and love, without their real awareness. they don't know who I am, or where I am, or anything about me. and still they trust me with missives that travel across the country, reach out their slender fingers and touch the very core of the human beings to whom they're sent.
I, the silent witness, am gifted in an extraordinary way by this process.

I've written love letters, notes of gratitude, brief messages of condolences and of congratulations. I've transcribed wishes for a return to health, wishes for peace and healing. I've passed along beautiful quotations and simple, heartfelt declarations of love.
this business of mine is all about gratitude, love, healing, manifestation: these are deep and powerful aspects of our humanity.

I've often thought that if I'd been wise, I would have gone into business selling some commodity, something that is purchased and then used up, so that the consumer must buy my product again. candy, maybe. or lip gloss. cookies, hair products, gourmet pretzels, something.
instead, I created this item that sits, patiently, durably, and is basically indestructible, forever holding a message of depth and truth.

every time I receive a new order with a message to relay to the recipient, I see and touch divinity. which is really not a bad thing in a day job.

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