Friday, February 19, 2010

energy one and energy two

I've been thinking about energy today.

there's this kind of energy:

it is the end of the fourteenth week of power camp, and more than a few people in class have commented on their level of depletion. you can eat all the bananas and power bars you want: there still exists a point where you are just done. when you give and give and give, your body sometimes sends up a white flag, begging for respite.
and then there are times when you think you have nothing left, but you do. somehow, your body reaches deep within and finds something to spit out at the world.
this is the come and go energy that is fueled by nutrition, muscles, training, hydration, drive and determination, sleep, and respite. (yep, intervals, bananas and kale all fit nicely here.)

then there's this kind of energy:

it is the end of the fourteenth week of power camp, and many of us campers know a great deal about each other. we know who will be there consistently, and we know who goes running on wednesdays instead of coming to class. we know who the first few through the door will be each morning; we know who will arrive ten minutes into the warmup.
we get a sense of each other, we learn who we like to sit next to, who fits our own way of being.
our energy field, what I consider an almost palpable aura, is there with us no matter how many bananas or whole wheat bagels we've eaten, how many challenging classes we've been to in the past week, or how little sleep we've had. it's bigger than our daily fluctuations: it's who we are and how we present to the world. it tends to be fairly consistent within (and without) a person, though there are always highs and lows and subtle changes due to inner growth.
some energies I love to be around. they are peaceful and calm, positive and hopeful. which does not mean the owner of this energy can't be active and outgoing, dynamic, realistic, accessible. we can have traits that seem in conflict with our overall energy field.
some energy fields are intense, some are almost angry, some are so spiky and bright I can't get too close.

energy can be tweaked, both with glucose and with effort.
I know at times my energy field has been heavier and more solemn than usual, and I can feel that in my physical efforts. I may still be able to perform, but it has a bit of the feel of running through water. when my energy field is lighter and more love-filled, everything happens more easily, from spin class to making lunches for my kids to mowing the lawn.

this is my self-prescription: for energy one, more bananas, less chocolate cake, darn it all.
for energy type two, meditation, yoga, and more headstands. because there's nothing like spending some time viewing the world upside down to connect you more firmly with the joys and wonder of your own reality.
give it a try.

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