Wednesday, April 13, 2011

peeing etiquette

I'm quite certain emily post never wrote an essay about bicycling etiquette.
and even if she had, she probably wouldn't have covered the topic I need to have covered:
The Proper Way to Deal With Male Cyclists Who Are Relieving Their Bladders.

I never know what to do.

they are out there in just about every event I've participated in, back to the road (usually), hand(s) occupied, stream sometimes visible.

emily would be appalled, I'm sure.
then she would tell us to ignore the spectacle.
which is what I do, mostly because I'm caught somewhere between being disgusted and being envious.

today, however, I found myself in a strange position, and was saved only by the fact that the men doing the peeing ignored me.

I rode my usual ride up emigration, down to the reservoir, then east to the gate. the snow has pulled back gradually over the past few weeks, and each time I slip around the locked gate I check the mileage to see just how far I can get before the road is blocked by a frozen white barrier.
two days ago I could ride four-tenths of a mile, but the temperatures have sucked every bit of ice from the reservoir---it had an ice cap covering a good sixty percent of it two days ago---and dried up more of the road. I could see where the bare asphalt ended as I approached the snow, and I could also see two cyclists stopped, standing by their bikes at the side of the road at that point.
I drew closer, as I always like to ride to the very last point of surface I can, and as the shapes became distinctly male, it also became clear that they were peeing. their backs were to me, and I came close enough to see a pretty strong stream of pee arcing into the snow beside the road. I didn't know what to do.
did they hear my coasting click-click-click as I slowed my approach?
did they assume there could be no one else nearby?
did they not care if there were?

I wanted to say hello, I wanted to not be there. I wanted them to not be there.

so I turned a bit earlier than I would have liked, and headed back toward the reservoir.

emily, what's the answer?


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