Friday, April 15, 2011

amazing, fabulous, powerful people

I'm sure you've had this happen.
you meet someone, somewhere, and then you bump into them (not always literally) somewhere else, some time later. you remember them, but they have no recollection of ever meeting you before.
they look at you with a blank expression, shaking their head, and tell you it's nice to meet you.

I've had this happen numerous times, (and I have also been the blank-faced one.) and upon first reflection I question myself: am I so unmemorable? I have a forgettable face? I just blend in with the crowd and am of no interest to them?
further reflection reveals the truth: it's really all about them.
it has nothing to do with my face, my personality, my very self. it's just about whatever is going on for them: they're preoccupied when they meet you, they're at a stressful point in their life, they're overwhelmed, they're forgetful, they lack certain social skills, they purposefully ignore cool and fabulous people. whatever.

what brings this to mind today is that while I was out on my glorious, early-spring ride today I exchanged smiles with a woman coming downhill on her bike while I was headed up. I've met this woman oh, perhaps four times now. met as in, introduced myself. she rides on the same Bad Ass Cycling team as I do. we've ridden stretches of rides together.
and she never remembers who I am.
this morning I could tell she had no idea who I was, and the cool-great-wonderful thing is that it didn't matter. I've finally figured out that it's all about her and not about me. she just isn't good at remembering amazing, fabulous, powerful people who introduce themselves to her.
hey, no one's perfect.
at least she has the good sense to ride a bike.

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