Saturday, April 9, 2011

no more no

I have a new life philosophy.
I have decided not to accept "no" anymore.

I've spent years in this meek, subservient place of "okay, whatever you say," and it's time for that to end. I've reframed, I've accepted, I've been nice. I've been kind, supportive, understanding, patient, enduring, tolerating, one big ball of acquiescence.

it's time to start expecting "yes," and not putting up with "no."
the world is forewarned: I expect nothing less than everything from now on.

does this strike home? do you ever find yourself just sitting in a place of mediocrity, going along, tolerating, dealing with what is because that's all there seems to be? I woke up the other day to realize that I'd fallen into this (terrible) place of not expecting anything better than "just okay." here's an example:

my son is applying for college, and his number one pick has placed him on their waiting list. they promise nothing, and make it clear that those on the waiting list have somewhere between a zero and a 25 percent chance of making it in. oh, probably not worth sitting on that list, might as well just say "no thanks."

my reaction was WIMPY!

the me who just woke up the other day has a different response: of course he'll sit on that waiting list, and he'll call them and write a letter and let them know that he intends to be one of those who get admitted. why not?? why give up a dream just because someone says, "well, maybe . . . "

I'm also in the process of securing an agent for my book. (not trying to find one, securing one.) so far, many have said no thanks. but I'm not done. not at all. I will find one, because I will no longer take "no" as a permanent state of the world. I am done with that.

so there.

I just registered for lotoja. this will be my 5th, and I am going to kick its butt this year.

so there.

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