Thursday, December 9, 2010

my friend Glade

I have three teenagers, two of whom are frequently in my car. they're fairly active, and they are, well, teenagers.
for a while there, this past month or so, I kept thinking, hmm, I'd better get an air freshener for my car, it's getting a little ripe in here. teenage bodies, sweaty feet, little car, windows always shut because it's cold outside . . .
two days ago as I was driving myself home from vampire class I realized it was me. me. what my sweaty body was adding to the car's aroma was much worse than what my kids might be adding.
I placed an air freshener inside my car that very day, and now I am a happy gal again.

sweating is normal, one of those messy facts of life. and I can scrub my body painfully clean, apply deodorant and antiperspirant and still become fragrant when I sweat. I know, it's the bacteria on our skin that cause the odor, not the sweat itself, but guess what? it really doesn't matter. when we sweat, we stink. even the best of us.
I wash my workout clothes in their own special "workout" detergent, guaranteed to get rid of that sweaty smell (a gift from john, hmm, I should ponder that) and still, on the way home from class in my car I can barely stand the smell of myself.
my daughter asks me not to hug her until I've taken a shower.

so, I bought my car an air freshener. and now I am much happier whenever I'm in it.
it's good to work out hard, but it's also good to be surrounded by air fragranced by something other than Eau de Sweat.
just ask my daughter.


Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

I am sitting here in front of my computer and I can't stop laughing...for, Oh, so many reasons! I’ll have to just leave it at that— because I have a teenager too, and he would say, “TMI Mom, TMI”. [TMI=Too Much Information. In case you don’t have teenagers] I get told this all the time!

susan said...

well, I think TMI might be if I got into a conversation about saddle sores.....