Sunday, December 5, 2010


today was almost nice enough to get on a bike and go ride outside.
and I was almost tempted to do so.
but there are times when "almost" just isn't enough.

many things in life can be good enough when they're almost there. "almost perfect" is usually perfect enough for me, and "almost ready" means it's close and will soon be. almost-calorie-free is okay by me, almost-at-my-target-weight is frequently just fine, and almost-naked is often better than the real thing.

but then there are those times when almost doesn't make it.
almost-awake isn't good enough for driving, neither is almost-sober.
almost made the cut-off, almost got there on time, and almost asked her out: these don't ever get you a prize.
and weather that's almost good enough to ride in, isn't.
and being almost tempted to go anyway doesn't get you on a bike.

so instead I watched the fog (or is it a smoggy inversion?) roll in, went to yoga, and firmly established the presence of the Christmas season here in my home.
the roads dried up a bit, the temperature hit 43 degrees, and that temptation swirled around the the floor but it never made it up to the part of me that makes decisions, and thus, today remains a day that I was almost tempted to experience a bike ride in almost-decent weather.

perhaps tomorrow the sun will break through the mist and truly shine, perhaps the temperature will reach 45 degrees, and perhaps I will be fully tempted to get on my bike and ride.
because almost, in this case, is just not good enough.

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