Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a mini discussion of ribs

this is from one of my doctor friends:
one can displace bone callous in a healing rib (i.e. re-break the rib) with a hard sneeze.

guess what I did this morning?

I am at the low end of my recovery-chipperness. (i.e., I don't feel chipper at all.)
let me first state that I am extremely grateful my recovery has been moving so quickly and so well. and then I must state that I am tired of hurting and not being able to do what I would normally do. sleeping is getting better, but it's still challenging, and my pain level is always at the highest first thing in the morning. so I take my ibuprofen, and it lessens, and I go about my day. the clavicle only sends out little pain messages every so often, and I can actually go for hours, sometimes, without them.
the ribs have been great ~ except at night, when they're just annoying not awful ~ until the Big Sneeze this morning, when I guess I rebroke one.
now it hurts.

chipper me is in hiding for a while.
I am hoping to coax her back out with a cool and beautiful ride tomorrow morning, up her favorite canyon, at a slow and easy pace that is more about enjoyment than about fitness.

I'll let you know if I find her, hiding in the babbling creek or tucked behind a weeping willow, breathing in that moist and joyful early morning air, listening to the birds chatter, settling herself in, patiently, for the rest of her recovery process.

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