Sunday, July 25, 2010

deuxième anniversaire heureux

I just this moment realized that I neglected to acknowledge my blogging anniversary, in fact, I let it slip right past me without noticing. this is not like me!
yes, I passed the two-year mark this week and this is cause for some reflection.
I began this project on July 19, 2008, having been struck by some kind of mental lightning bolt that told me it was the thing to do.
I love to write, I believe I am meant to write, and yet two years ago I felt I wasn't fulfilling my destiny in that arena. I had committed hundreds of thousands of words to paper over the years, yet I still had work to do, obviously, to make writing a more significant part of my life.
so I combined two things I love, and created this forum where I could share my thoughts about, regarding, and inspired by my cycling.
it has been a beautiful thing.
  • it has forced me to write on a regular basis, and we know the only way we truly get better at something is to do it often.
  • it has encouraged me to expand my vocabulary and experiment with different ways to express my thoughts and feelings.
  • it has allowed me to be vulnerable yet remain safely behind cyber walls (except for with those of you I have to see on a regular basis.)
  • it has held me accountable, guided my thoughts, and given me a forum for sharing thoughts about those things that are so very important to me.
  • and most interestingly, it has connected me with a project that offers me an opportunity to write my little heart out and get paid to do so. more about this at some point, but not yet.
  • it helps me to remember a beautiful soul who left this earth almost two years ago, the woman who inspired this creation, liz valentiner johnson.
so, a belated happy anniversary to me.
may we all be beginning a year full of dedication to and time spent with those activities we love.
in the spirit of the now-concluded tour de france, année heureuse à vous.

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