Saturday, July 3, 2010

the chinese fortune

a month or so ago I cracked open a fortune cookie, pulled out the skinny little paper and read,
you will be showered by good luck before your next birthday.
seeing as my birthday was only a few weeks ahead, I was quite excited. this was finally one of those fortunes you could prove to either be a correct prediction or a bunch of hooey.
I was hoping for the former.

I am an optimist, I am always hopeful. every time I open a fortune cookie and read something good about myself or my future, I believe it. I wouldn't consider myself superstitious, I just believe that there aren't many accidents in life, that coincidences really aren't, and that serendipity loves to dance around, teasing us with her playfulness.

thus I haven't been surprised as I've tallied up my list of how I've been showered with good luck in the weeks leading up to my birthday:

  • I've been given a (paid) writing assignment
  • I've been invited to go do things with new people
  • two saving angels rescued me after I crashed, calling a friend to take me to the ER
  • I met a cute doctor (okay, he's married and a decade younger than me, but still)
  • people have brought dinner to my home, twice
  • john lent me his smooth, automatic-shifting car so I could drive
  • someone sent me flowers
  • someone brought me lunch and lent me their i-pad to play with for a couple days
  • I have at least one hundred cheery orange day lilies blooming in my yard
  • I found a great sale at one of my favorite clothing stores
  • my mom baked me peach pie for my birthday
  • someone left a gently tied bundle of fresh lavender on my doorstep
  • I've received no less than three exquisite, small boxes of (yummy) chocolate
  • I've been gifted with cards, texts, phone calls, emails, presents, hugs, and heartfelt wishes on my birthday
  • my son has been mowing the lawn for me because I can't (woo hoo!)
  • and to top it all off, I have a brand new, beautiful piece of titanium decorating my clavicle, with a possible airport security release card in my future!

that skinny little piece of shiny paper with 11 magical words on it was thus proven to be an accurate predictor of my future.
and I think I might just keep it around, and apply it toward my next birthday as well.

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