Sunday, March 7, 2010


six. that's my new biking number.
it's not about categories (though that might be where I belong) or bib numbers or even the number of treats I carry with me on an event ride.
nope. it's about states:
thanks to yesterday's excursion I have now ridden my bike in six of our fifty glorious states. if I had a goal of someday riding my bike in every state within our nation (hmm....) I'd be twelve percent of the way to reaching that mark.

but I'm not going there.

I'm happy to have just added nevada to my list of States I've Ridden My Bike In. I'm also happy to have discovered a beautiful ride a short drive away from the las vegas strip: not everything that happens in vegas needs to stay there.
john, before we left salt lake, had researched rides near the lacrosse fields where my son was playing, visiting Map My Ride to do so. he found a 37 mile ride for us that took us out of the suburbs and up into a different world.
we rode to red rock canyon, which has a 13-mile scenic loop up to a lookout where we stared at snow-frosted sharp-edged cliffs and felt the cold breeze brush against our skin. cacti and sandy soil prevailed, but beautiful red rocks and sweeping vistas were there as well.
as with all of our salt lake canyons, I suppose, beauty and splendor exist ~ we just have to learn to discover it.
flat, barren, desolate nevada is available to all.
stunning, refreshing, varied and breathtaking nevada is available to all who are willing to seek it out.

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