Saturday, March 13, 2010


there is something incomparable about the experience found post-event.
whether your event is a tough workout, a 100 mile bike ride, a marathon, a race, a hill climb, or whatever might be a stretch for you, the afterward is a beautiful place to be.

I sit here, having completed my three-hour ride, feeling worn and muscle-weary and happier than I've been all day. I've showered, I'm just about ready to eat dinner, and I know I have the rest of the evening to curl on my chaise and read a good book in front of the fire. I've earned this spot of rest, and will luxuriate in the afterglow from today's work.

I don't think it's all about endorphins. it's more than that. it's knowing I've pushed myself and survived, it's the camaraderie I've shared with those that did the very same thing today. it's the physical exhaustion and the mental pleasure that blend to create an aura of wellness. it's knowing I can fill my belly and feel good about it, I can rest my body and know it was earned, I can dig into a book and have a quiet, peaceful evening as I love to do.

there are other ways to reach this place, but they all involve pushing your body toward its limits so that you can appreciate the easing of effort. just as sorrow and grief give us greater appreciate of joy and peace, and difficult times teach us to give greater value to times of relative ease.

anyway, I am pleased and grateful to have survived today's effort, and just about ready to dig into my healthy-for-you frozen (now microwaved and warm) lasagna, my glass of wine, and my book.
and then, perhaps, a cookie or two.

or possibly, a few more than two.

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