Sunday, March 21, 2010

39 miles with blue card people

I made good friends with zone 5 today.
I didn't particularly want to do so, but it's terribly difficult to be the caboose who holds up the train again and again, and again.

so I spent a lot of time in zone 5, struggling to stay within the same general neighborhood as my blue card riding buddies.
I knew I was in for it when I met up with the group and learned it was only three of them, and that none of my white card friends had made it.
bad sign.
I quickly planned my escape: we were riding out south, and I could get just so far and then tell them I needed to turn back and head home by myself. I really didn't have it in me today to do a 50 mile ride, and I wasn't sure just how energetic they were planning to be, so I just kept my little escape hatch brewing in the back of my mind as we rode toward the cottonwoods.
and then we paused at the bottom of big cottonwood, chatted about maybe just riding to the top of the next hill, and darn it, something happened during that pause that convinced me I could keep going just a little further.
well, of course we finally reached the top of the hill and, oh, let's just go a little further . . .
so at little cottonwood road we finally paused again to study geological features (the bumps and disgruntled surface of the wasatch fault), and plan our route back north.
in other words, I had to ride back with them as well, and darn it all, I am just not a blue card person.

but it's good to push yourself, right?

not a problem for this girl.

however, I do think that next weekend, given a good sunny riding day, I will work harder to recruit some plain-old white card people to hang with me.

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