Tuesday, December 15, 2009

link of the day

sometimes I hear a song and am immediately enraptured by it. I love music, I hear the rhythm in everything, and I feel songs deep down in my bones.
I especially love hearing a new song that catches me by surprise in some way: a unique rhythm, unusual chords or patterns, or a voice I find particularly intriguing.
and spin class songs are under an intense microscope: I often distract myself from the pain and/or boredom of the workout by focusing on the music blasting from the speakers. I strain to catch the lyrics, I try to spin in time to the beat, I scour my memory for artist's names, and without a single bit of coaxing my memory banks delve deep into the past and push forward those little snippets of my life when I first heard a particular song.

the other day our instructor played a song that captured my heart and soul within the first few beats, and every time I visit youtube to play it a grin spreads across my face and my entire countenance lightens. and I start to wiggle, move, and dance, whether I'm sitting at the computer working or moving about the house.

so my gift to you today is this link, where you, too, can listen to kristen andreassen sing about crayons. and if this doesn't bring a smile to your face, I really wonder what might.

Kristin Andreassen Crayola

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