Sunday, June 17, 2012

why les miserables is on my ipod

I have learned many things this past week.

first--and terribly importantly--the brighton store and cafe is open again.  whew!  I don't know the entire story, but they reopened for the summer season june 15.  john and I caught them preparing, restocking shelves, filling coolers, moving fixtures around, on the 14th.  so all my sadness and bemoaning the loss of an institution was unnecessary.  whew.

next, although they repaved state route 65 (which we ride from the bottom of little mountain all the way to east canyon dam), which is a huge woo-hoo, they've painted the white stripes so far to the side of the road they fall off at points.  a huge truck and boat nearly took me out this morning, and I don't think the driver cared one teeny bit.  I waved; he kept driving up the road.  my geez! was loud and accompanied by a slightly fearful and incredulous shake of my head:  I swear the rear right side of that trailer was a foot away from my left hip.  I thought about riding all the way down to the east canyon reservoir, tracking him down, and letting him know what I thought of his driving . . . but then thought better of that.
the sad news is that all the mile- and kilometer-markings on the road have been covered over:  I enjoy those bits of encouragement.  they'll be back soon, I'm sure, as the Deseret News marathon down from the top of big mountain is coming up next month.
the great news, though, is they've widened the shoulder alongside little dell reservoir so that stretch of road is safer and a little more bike friendly.  and as soon as that lovely asphalt gets tamped down a bit more and all the little crumbly black things get brushed/blown/squished away, it will be absolutely lovely.

saw my first porcupine of the year this morning!  a big fat thing just sitting in the gully off the shoulder somewhere around little dell.  living, thankfully.  didn't learn much from this sighting, except how much joy it brings me to see those darn things.

got shivers this morning listening to the finale (6:25 minutes in) of les miserables on my ipod---and just got them again as I googled this to make sure of my accuracy---when jean valjean sings,
to love another person is to see the face of God.
this isn't something to learn in a moment, like the opening of the brighton store, or that a road is recently paved, or that fat porcupines still live in dell canyon.  this is something to come to understand through time, through experience, through commitment, and during quiet moments in a verdant canyon.

of everything I learned this week, my favorite---as much as I love the brighton store and cafe---is that I want to keep on seeing the face of God in as many different ways and times as I can, for as long as I live.

with gratitude to victor hugo,

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